05 Mar 2019
When is the Best and Worst Times of Year To Sell?

When is the Best and Worst Times of Year To Sell?

When is the Best and Worst Times of Year To Sell?
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When is the best time of year to sell?

Deciding when to put your property on the market can be a daunting decision, and often it can feel like there are just too many variables to consider. If you’re an aspiring seller, your brain is probably buzzing with questions like…


What stage of the property cycle is the Perth real estate market in?

Is the number of Perth buyers increasing, or decreasing?

Is my home ready to be listed, or should I invest in a few quality finishes, first?


Luckily, there are a few general rules you can follow to get the best outcome for your home. Read below for the best and worst times of year to sell your property…

So, when is the BEST time of year to sell?


According to our research, Spring is the best time to sell.  This is because people have been researching, saving and doing life admin over the cold winter months. They are now ready to leave the house, purchase their new home and have everything exchanged well before the Christmas holidays chaos (spoiler alert, nobody wants to move during Christmas!).

However, it isn’t a secret that Spring is the most popular season! Unfortunately, this can lead to an over-saturated market and less opportunity to reach a buyer if you’re property doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

With this in mind – regardless of the season, it’s crucial to make sure your home presents as good value for money compared to other similar homes up for sale at the time. Take a look at our 5 tips to sell your home faster to help you gauge a competative price for your home…


When is the second best time to sell your home?

After Spring, we recommend the second best time to sell as Autumn, where the market is still busy, but a little quieter which can mean less competition for buyers. Autumn and Spring also offer the best weather to show-off your properties best features. Those cool Autumn/Spring days allow potential buyers to both picture themselves snuggling up by the fireplace and taking a dip in the pool.


“I find that in my experience the best time to sell a home falls in Spring, with the weather warming up after winter and the light extending in the days, there seems to be more people out and about and actively looking to upgrade, downsize or simply extend a property portfolio. Spring seems to have the most buyers in the market which in turn generally gives a better sales result.”

- Brendan White, Mobile Lender, Greater Bank


When is the WORST time of year to sell?

It logically follows that over the Christmas school holidays is the worst time of year to sell, as many buyers are busy tying up loose ends for the year, work, and preparing their household for their summer holiday plans.

Most sellers are owner-occupiers and nobody wants the stress of weekly home-opens AND moving when the family Christmas catch-up is looming, and all their time is booked for end-of-year events at work, and wrap-up assemblies for the kids school.

Summer is also a season that should be avoided due to the lack of buyers – and the fact that everyone’s expendable income is taken up by Christmas, New Years and other holiday season expenses!

While Summer and Winter might seem like a smart time to sell due to the market being less saturated, there are also less buyers searching for their new home. Potential buyers can often be deterred from stepping out and exploring the market by the hot and humid or the cold and windy weather, and by being busy with life committments themselves!

What else should you consider?


Now that you know when the best time of year to list your house for sale, make sure you also do your research and keep on-top of industry news, trends and median price reports, so you can enter the market well informed.

Being aware of taxes, benefits and restrictions that the government are enforcing or have enforced, allows you to be prepared for inclines, declines or changes in potential buyers. It’s always a great idea to speak with a few real estate experts in your area – they can give you a good gauge of what the current market is like, and what your home could achieve. This will arm you with the best knowledge to sell your home, quickly and easily!


Thinking of selling your home, but not sure if it’s the right time to list? We’d love to guide you. Feel free to give our staff a call on (08) 6254 6333 today for a confidential chat about your property plans. We’re here to help!

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When is the Best and Worst Times of Year To Sell?
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