09 Jul 2019
8 (Totally Cringe) Home Improvement Mistakes

8 (Totally Cringe) Home Improvement Mistakes

8 (Totally Cringe) Home Improvement Mistakes
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Many of us fancy ourselves as DIY experts, and yes, home improvements are a great way to add value to your home, but sometimes some jobs are simply best left to the professionals. Here are a few of our favourite examples… 


  1. Wacky Wiring

… *Knock knock*

If there’s one thing any part-time DIYer shouldn’t mess with - it’s electricity. Not only do cluttered, damaged wires look terrible, they’re also really dangerous.

Maybe these guys should opt for a wireless doorbell next time.


  1. DIY Driveway

This driveway is a bit steep for me. But handy if you need to push start your car… 


  1. Below Ground Pool

Below ground, as in, the basement.

“I know I’m not the only person out there with a pool in their basement.” Eeeeek.


  1. “Do You Think Anyone Will Notice?”

Tape measure? Bah, I’ll eye-ball it.

If you don’t have a knack, or the patience for maths - best to call in the experts. 


  1. Carpet In The Bathroom


“But honey, think of all the money we’ll save on bath mats!”

Carpeted bathrooms were born in the 1950s and were a symbol of luxury. And fun fact, a recent poll showed the majority of people (86%) were heavily opposed to carpet in the bathroom, but interestingly, 8% of people were pro-carpet.

Which camp are you in? #nocarpet


  1. If IKEA Can Do It, How Hard Can It Be?

So, you’re ready for some extra cupboard space. “Would you like one of our IKEA tradesmen to install your new kitchen cupboards for you?” …

No thanks, I got this. #regrets


  1. Breakfast For One?


There are heaps of benefits to a kitchen island; more bench and meal prep space, a nice breakfast bar for you to sit at while you eat, and from a style point of view - beautiful! 

But not always.

Lonely breakfast for one?


  1. The Conspicuous Fridge

It’s certainly statement-y, I’ll give it that.

Maybe if you can’t see the fridge from the living and dining area, you’re less likely to have #snaccidents?


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8 (Totally Cringe) Home Improvement Mistakes
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