12 Feb 2017
Tips and Tricks for Storing Mattresses

Tips and Tricks for Storing Mattresses

Tips and Tricks for Storing Mattresses
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Storing your mattress correctly is absolutely crucial if you want to extend its longevity. In this blog, we’re going to cover the most important tips and tricks you need to know to ensure your mattress gets receives the treatment it deserves. So here we go!

There are a number of traditional do’s and don’ts when it comes to the best way to store a mattress.


  1. Never store your mattress in a damp or humid area. Moisture can lead to significant damage to your mattress in the form of mould.

  2. If you’re storing your mattress for more than 24 hours, do not store it on its side. This is extremely crucial. Storing your mattress on its side will save you space, yes. But in this instance, saving space comes at the cost of potentially irreparable damage to the inner spring mechanism of your mattress, whether its coil or pocket.

  3. Don’t store your mattress dirty! Storing your mattress in a poor condition will risk the mattress deteriorating significantly more quickly.

  4. Think twice before storing your mattress in the basement. Basements can be ideal conditions for mould development, as they’re often the dampest areas of the house. It can be a struggle to find the space anywhere else, of course. In such cases, it’s worth considering a professional storage space.



  1. Store your mattress flat. When you think about it, it makes sense, the comfort of your mattress was built to withstand normal bedding pressures. It just won’t maintain its quality on its side.

  2. Consider storing your mattress with a professional storage company. In particular, professional storage spaces that offer climate-controlled environments provide the highest quality conditions for your mattress.

  3. Before storing, clean your mattress thoroughly with a vacuum and upholstery cleaner. This will ensure your mattress will maintain optimal longevity. Moisture and dust, after all, are the enemies of long-term mattress storage, so you don’t want to give them a chance.

  4. Whether or not you decide to store in a professional storage location, it’s an excellent idea to wrap your mattress in professional plastic wrapping. It’s possible to use other types of fabric as well, but plastic will give you the most complete protection. Tip: don’t wrap the mattress too tightly, as you want to make sure your mattress still has room to breathe.


Final Tips

Be careful when moving your mattress as they are heavy items that are awkward to move. For this reason, we recommend asking a friend for help.

Also, if you do happen to store your mattress in professional plastic wrapping for more than six months, then it’s a good idea to air the mattress out for half a day or so when it comes time to use it.

For more information or advice on storage contact Kent Storage.

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Tips and Tricks for Storing Mattresses
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