15 Apr 2018
Sell Your Property Quicker with these Top Tips!

Sell Your Property Quicker with these Top Tips!

Sell Your Property Quicker with these Top Tips!
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Whether your property’s been on the market for longer than you expected, or you need to unload your investment property quickly, here are our top tips to help get it sold quickly!

1. Understand your competitors
Check out the other homes for sale in your area during their open inspections, so you can get the inside scoop on the local market.
How do they compare to yours?
Are most vendors opting for auctions, or are private treaty sales more common?
What kind of timeframe are properties spending on the market before they’re sold?
This information can help you to set realistic expectations for your own sale, and give you an idea of the things you might be able to do to make your home stand out from the crowd.

2. Put in some effort where it counts
Don’t throw good money after bad redecorating areas that buyers won’t be focused on.
Instead, direct your energy and hard-earned cash to improving the key features of the home that will stand out.
Bathrooms and kitchens tend to be the areas that make or break a sale, as potential buyers are put off by the expense of renovating them.
Even cheap cosmetic improvements; such as a coat of paint, spraying tiles and installing nice new cupboard handles, can make the world of difference.
For outdoor areas, a thorough tidy-up to create the impression of low-maintenance living should do the trick.

3. Staging matters
The right furniture and accessories can make even the most dowdy of properties look promising.
Hiring or borrowing from a friend is a budget-conscious alternative to engaging a staging consultant, although depending on where your property sits in the market, their services may be well worth the investment.
If you find you’re marketing to an area with lots of young families, stage the study as a nursery or playroom to win them around.
Remember, you need to present the property as somewhere buyers can imagine living, which means declutter and deep-clean, then set the stage for the dream home.

4. Be smart with your pricing
The difference that $5000 or even $500 can make to a property listing is nothing short of amazing.
Us humans are hard-wired psychologically to respond more favourably to certain price signals — it’s why so many retailers use prices such as $19.95 or $18,990, to trick us into thinking we’re spending less.
With most modern house hunting taking place online, this becomes even more important — nowadays, buyers can enter their minimum and maximum price into the search function and instantly be presented with the properties that meet their criteria.
Rather than setting the price at $760,000, which would see your home cut off the list, try “offers over $747,500”, or “ESR $730,000 – $760,000”, to catch the buyers who are capping their search at three quarters of a million.

5. Refresh your listing
If your property has been on the market forever, it could be the case that the advertising material and online listing of your home simply aren’t doing it justice.
Rather than attracting buyers, dreary advertising can actually drive them away – and if your place has been on the market for some time, website regulars will be sick of seeing it!
Jazzing up the listing may even make buyers who had previously skimmed past your property stop for a closer look.
Make sure the photos make the most of the natural light, and present your property as being spacious, clean and inviting.
While you’re at it, consider changing the way the home is staged in the photos too, to give it a real ‘freshness’.
If, after all of this, your property is still sitting stagnant on the market, you may need to look at adjusting your price expectations.

Considering selling your home? Contact us today to see how we can help.

Written by Naked Edge Writers

Sell Your Property Quicker with these Top Tips!
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