15 Jan 2017
Make The Most Of Storage During Your Renovations

Make The Most Of Storage During Your Renovations

Make The Most Of Storage During Your Renovations
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Renovating your home is an exciting thing to do! Whether it’s your own home, or an investment property, it’s something that will add value to your property. And if you’re in the business of adding value, then you sure as anything won’t want to damage your precious belongings during the renovation process.

In such instances, it makes sense to get your belongings out of the way and stored some place secure. Supposing you want to store your goods at a professional storage facility, how do you choose the right provider for you?

That’s what this blog is here to help with – to provide criteria to help you choose the best storage option for you, as well as specifically how to pack for short to long-term storage.

Features To Look For In a Storage Location

We’re going to take that security and affordability are absolute must-haves here. But there are criteria beyond this that are well worth mentioning.


While you may only need short term storage while you finish your renovations, that’s no reason to scrimp when it comes to quality. To ensure this quality, look for a provider with third party, industry accreditations, such as ISO quality assurance accreditations.


It makes sound financial sense to store your goods in a location that has you protected from any mishaps, offering a comprehensive range of storage insurance policies.


It’s always a good idea to work with a provider who is upfront and transparent about their charges. This way you can plan your budget effectively and make a sound financial decision.


In today’s age, customer reviews are the best form of service research. The best sites to use are third-party review websites, who offer an unbiased selection of customer reviews you can trust to make an informed decision about your storage provider.

How to Pack Correctly

Once you’ve sorted out your storage location, it’s time to pack your goods. As long as you use the right packing materials, adopt sensible packing techniques, and do your research into packing for storage checklists and tips, you shouldn’t have any issues.

As far as packing materials go, the most important weapons in your arsenal are likely going to be sturdy cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and professional packing paper. It’s good to have a marker pen handy too, so that you can label your boxes with their contents and room allocation once you’ve packed them. This will help you locate your items when it comes time to unpack.

In terms of packaging technique, there are a few simple rules to take note of. The first: pack heavier items on the bottom and the light ones on top. You can add a layer of bubble wrap to the bottom of your box should you want to add a further layer of protection. Similarly, a cardboard piece inserted to partition different storage compartments of your box will also act as a buttress of protection during transit.

A final tip: fill up the loose areas that result from the space between your packed items with bubble wrap or soft fabric. This will help to protect your goods during transit, and will protect against your box collapsing during storage.


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Make The Most Of Storage During Your Renovations
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