04 Jul 2017
How To Lift Your Home's Value

How To Lift Your Home's Value

How To Lift Your Home's Value
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We all want to get the best bang for our buck and this saying has never been truer than when it comes to selling your home! Here are our tips for boosting the value of your home when it comes round to selling.

1. Make your home seem larger

It’s important to understand that not all buyers will be able to see beyond the “stuff” and clutter in your home.

Remove the excess furniture from your home.  Too many dressers, tables, chairs, display cases, can clutter up any room to the point of it feeling crowded and poky. It’s time to pare down and pack up. Put the excess furniture in storage or as a worst case scenario in the garage – just get it out of sight from your home’s rooms.

2. Remove the evidence of pets and kids

Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually pack up your pets and children (as tempting as that may sound).  However, you do have to pack up their things that are scattered everywhere (like their toys and “artwork” scribbled on the walls) in your home that can distract from your home’s features that you’d like to highlight.

When it comes to pets, you must eliminate their presence throughout the entire house.  Gather up their food dishes, their toys, their bed, their training cage and of course, their smell.

Place all of their things in one spot, perhaps in the garage in a storage container and/or box. Just get it out of the house when it’s show time.

Critically important along with the tangible pet things is the smell. We don’t always notice our pet’s smell as we live with it every day.  Removing the evidence of pets, include a deep, deep clean and the smell is usually deep within their toys and bedding. After you complete the deep clean, it would be a good time to buy fresh new bedding and throw away the old, along with any toys that grab a hold of odours.

3. Make the most of your storage areas

If you have limited storage space or your closets, pantry and cupboards are filled to the brim, now is the time to clean them out. Highlight these areas as being abundant with the appearance of these spaces being stacked, folded, topped and trimmed out neatly.  By doing this, any prospective buyer can get a feel that your storage space is indeed adequate for them.

4. Marry your home’s exterior to the interior

Don’t take away from your beautifully designed, decluttered and styled interior of your home by neglecting your home’s exterior.  You have spent so much time preparing the inside of your home, so why have an unloved exterior?

Carefully manicure the home’s exterior that includes all the living, breathing greenery right up to the home’s entrance, paths, walls, bricks, front doors, windows, roofline and roof itself – all the more appealing to home buyers;

  • Trim, weed and mulch all your garden beds.

  • Missing, sparse bushes, trees and flowers? Fill in the spaces with colourful plants pleasing on the eye and nose. Dead plants need to be removed too.

  • Remove all dirt, debris and spider webs from your doors and windows.

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to your front door.

  • Shine up or replace your door handles and locks.

  • What does your home’s house numbers look like? Would they benefit the home with a fresh new set of numbers?

  • Make your windows sparkle.

For more advice on making your home look it’s best, check out our Property Presentation blog post.

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How To Lift Your Home's Value
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