21 Aug 2018
GUEST BLOG: How to Earn Extra Money From Your Unused Driveway

GUEST BLOG: How to Earn Extra Money From Your Unused Driveway

GUEST BLOG: How to Earn Extra Money From Your Unused Driveway
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How to Earn Extra Money by Actually Using Your Unused Driveway

We all want to earn a quick buck without actually putting in a tremendous amount of effort or money into the endeavor. One of the best ways to do this is to find things that aren’t that used that much or are just lying around the house. What usually pops up in mind is to sell unused tools and item at your garage or driveway. However, with some online services today, you can also tap your unused driveway itself and make money from it.
Here are three things that you can do to earn extra money by using your unused driveway:

  1. Have a garage sale
          When you think of making extra money off your driveway, a garage sale is usually the first thing that comes into mind. A garage sale can make you a few hundred dollars – plus, you also get to clean out all the stuff that you never really get to use that much.
          The best things to sell at a garage sale are used clothing, furniture, tools, and exercise equipment. Other popular items are kitchenware, shoes, handbags, and toys. Aside from earning extra money and decluttering, a garage sale is also a fun family activity. A garage sale is a great opportunity for the kids (or yourself) to learn about entrepreneurship.
  1. Rent out your seldom-used tools
          If you have household items or power tools that you rarely use, you can have these rented out to neighbors or customers from nearby areas. The best part of this is that you can also run this type of business right from your garage or driveway.
          Good examples of ‘rentable’ items are bike racks, sewing machines, power tools, and lawnmowers. These are great to rent because, aside from being quite pricey, these articles are only used for specific purposes. Once those purposes have been met, these things tend to get shelved - only to be used again once the need arises. So, it will be a great earning opportunity to earn off these instead of just having these items gather dust in your shed or garage.  
          There are sites like ToolMates that let you post listings of power tools that can be rented. There are also online sharing communities like The Sharing Hub, that lets you find and post products (or services) that you need or have. Aside from earning a few extra dollars for items you rarely use, these services are also great to way to meet and collaborate with your people in your area.
  1. Rent out your driveway
          Homeowners who live near city centers or transport hubs like train/bus stations with free driveway space can make some serious cash by renting out their unused driveway. Renting out your driveway is a fairly new concept - and this is brought about by the emergence of innovators like AirBnB and Uber. Nowadays, private homes, rooms, and personal cars can now be rented through these services. And it’s bound that anytime soon even driveways can be rented too.  Online community sharing sites like Parkhound have already made this into a reality.
          These online services can help you find interested people who’d like to rent your unused driveway space. Through sites like these, you can get in touch with neighbors or people who work near your home who need a place to temporarily park their car.
          You can rent out your space for a day, a week, or even a month. What’s more is that you can also set your own rental price and signing up is free. Who would’ve thought that you can make money off your unused driveway space?


Some Final Thoughts
With the technology available today, it’s already possible to make a few extra dollars just by posting items that you don’t really use that much for rent on the web. Tech has even taken it a step further and has allowed unoccupied spaces like extra rooms, houses, – and in this case – your driveway as money making machines. These services have given everyone the opportunity to make extra money, and it would also be a wise choice to consider these as extra sources of income too.


Written by Sarah Kearns

GUEST BLOG: How to Earn Extra Money From Your Unused Driveway
Sarah Kearns

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