18 Feb 2019
Buyers guide to beachfront properties in Western Australia

Buyers guide to beachfront properties in Western Australia

Buyers guide to beachfront properties in Western Australia
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Everyone wants to hear the sound of the ocean and smell the salt water from their doorstep.


Walking to Perth’s beaches and spending weekends surfing with friends is a dream of many in Western Australia.


However, whether you’re looking to invest in a home by Scarborough Beach, or a holiday house for family summers in Margaret River, it is important to know that now, there are many ways of making this beachfront living an affordable reality.


Here are a few tips…


Finding the most affordable beachfront property in Western Australia


The key to finding the cheapest beachfront home in Perth or in larger Western Australia is simple; location.


You can still live ‘on the beach’ without having to have your home on its doorstep. Finding a home a few streets back, where you can still walk to the sand and smell the ocean can be just as good and a lot cheaper. Having a home a few streets back also allows you to remove yourself from the bustling weekend crowds whilst still having ocean views.


It’s also important to look into buying a beachfront home among the ‘less popular’ suburbs. While this may not include the popular Basin in Rottnest Island, it does include many secluded options that have great growth rates if you want to make capital gains in the future.


  1. Buy outside of peak season


To ensure a better deal on a waterfront home in areas like Exmouth and Coral Bay, it is important to buy outside of the summer period. You are more likely to secure a better deal during autumn or winter as prices rise in spring and summer when people start considering their holiday housing plans, or as a tourist, visit new destinations in WA and fall in love - both of these generally drive up the price of housing.


  1. Do your due diligence before buying a beach house


While there are many perks to owning a beachfront property in WA, the maintenance costs can quickly pile up if you’re not careful. Beach houses are prone to things like salt water damage, mould and erosion.


Three ways to avoid a high maintenance home is:

  • Find a property with brick foundations
  • Be sure to conduct a thorough inspection
  • Create a budget for repairs and regular check-ups down the track


  1. Consider renting out your home when you are away


No matter where you are located in Western Australia, beachfront properties are always popular on the market. This means whether you’re going away for the weekend or on a holiday for a month, it is usually easy to rent out your home to families and couples. Alternatively, if you have a spare room in your home, you could look to rent it out permanently for some extra money. Home sharing platforms like Airbnb and Stayz make this process very easy.


Following these steps will allow for an easy process when buying your beachfront home in Western Australia.


Got your eyes on a particular property? Perhaps it’s your dream beachfront home from your childhood? Then get a free online property report to learn more about the property’s history and value estimate.

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Buyers guide to beachfront properties in Western Australia
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