26 May 2016
9 Hot Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

9 Hot Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

9 Hot Tips to Sell Your Home Faster
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Thinking of selling your home this year? Well, you’ll be keen to shift it quickly for the best price.

Here’s our 9 tips for owners thinking of selling their home to help speed up the process:

1. Price your home correctly

Take your time to understand the market before you speak to agents. Look at the facts that are happening in the market today directly around you and then consider market demand (is your price bracket selling quick).

The biggest mistake owners make in pricing their home is they think their property is better than everyone else’s and expect the market to love it as much as they do.

2. Have a strategy for marketing your home

Buyers can come from all different places and if you want the best buyer and the best price you must cover all your bases and make sure you have a complete marketing strategy and full market energy around your home.

Internet, advertising, neighbourhood campaign, database plan, signage, best photography, editorial, video, floor plan, open houses, hot buyer preview and the absolute best agent working for you.

3. Present your home like you don’t live there

Buyers are looking for a home that they instantly connect with and feel like they want to live there and this connection comes from style and creating a wow-factor.

4. Find the right agent

Sometimes owners pick an agent because they like them which is fine but the question I would be asking myself if I was an owner is what difference does this agent bring to my sale.

Before you engage an agent ask them to demonstrate how they will best protect your price and this will flush out the ones that know what they are doing.

Remember this one thing when selecting an agent… You can only base your selling decision on what they tell you.

5. Be realistic

Not everyone is going to love your home, in fact probably lots of buyers won’t like your home at all.

Don’t get discouraged when you get feedback about your home, see it for what it is, they just don’t like it.

The most important feedback is what the market place thinks your home is worth.

Here is a checklist of the people to listen to with price feedback.

1. Neighbours and friends are not the experts. Don’t listen to them about what they think your home is worth, they are always too high, because what your house sells for has a direct reflection on the price of their home. They have an uneducated-vested interest. 

2. Buyers that are ready to buy, have inspected your property but don’t like it. These buyers are usually quite educated and fairly accurate with price feedback because they see it for what it is and have no emotional connection to your home.

3. Buyers who are interested in your home: They will usually give slightly lower price feedback initially because they are interested.

This is an easy way to work out who is giving the feedback and why.

6. Find an area specialist

Use an agent that knows the area.

Just because you might know someone in Real Estate but they work in another area don’t use them to sell your home.

Use an agent who specialises in the area, works in the area and loves the area like a Naked Agent.

7. The 30-day rule

Your best buyers will come along in the first 30 days.

The reason for this is you have access to the greatest number of qualified buyers when you first launch your home into the market place and that excitement period never comes back.

Usually why you don’t get offers during this period is your price is too high and buyers are walking away.

8. Adjust your price early

Market momentum is everything and if in the first 2 weeks the market feedback is lower than where your price point is, that is a strong indication that your price is too high.

Work closely with your agent in these early stages and feel the rhythm of the market and you will be able to read what is going on.

If everything is lined up right from day one you should have interest and offers in the very early stages.

9. Just breathe

All you can do is your best and make sure you have done everything you possibly can to position your home right, market your home right and select the best agent.

Once you have ticked all the boxes sit back and relax and work closely with your agent as a partnership.

To discover the difference a Naked Agent will make to selling your home, contact us today!


Written by Naked Edge Writers

9 Hot Tips to Sell Your Home Faster
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