06 Aug 2015
5 Do’s of Selling Your Home

5 Do’s of Selling Your Home

5 Do’s of Selling Your Home
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Last week was my first attempt at a blog, which I got some amazing feedback about, I felt I started on a negative note naming it “5 don’ts of selling your home.” This week I wanted to turn that around and get back on a positive note and give you the “5 do’s of selling your home.”

There are many ways to sell and present your home, and everyone wants to maximise the amount of money that you walk away with on settlement day. These 5 tips will ensure you go a long way to achieving that RECORD price.

Do Your Research

Your home will not be the only house on the market, and the house with the most expensive price tag, is generally the one with the least amount of viewers, especially if the buyers can buy a house similar to yours for a much cheaper price. We live in the age of information, and with a few clicks on realestate.com.au you can find out what all the houses just like yours in the area have sold for, so you don’t fall into the trap of over pricing your home.

Do Consider the Best Selling Method For Your Home

What sort of house is your house? What is the best way to sell it? What are your options? There are a number of ways to sell your home and you need to choose carefully. If your home is a WOW home, or highly desirable, you would probably benefit from an Auction. If you have a standard home, a Fixed Date Sale or Private Sale might be the one you go for. It’s important you get the method right because it could mean the difference of a standard price, or a record price.

Do Have a Think About Your Presentation

It goes without saying that buyers will be turned off by a messy or cluttered home. But have you considered the positioning of your furniture? Are you accentuating the size of your home to its fullest capacity? Any good agent will have access to a property stylist, these people can generally give you great ideas on how to best present your home for as little as $150. Again this could mean the difference between thousands of dollars in your pocket, or in your buyers, which would you prefer?

Do Try to Understand the Things You Can and Can’t Control

You can control your marketing, you can control your presentation, you can control which agent you choose. Get these things right and buyers will pay more for your home than if you get them wrong. Unfortunately you cannot control what your buyers are willing to pay for your home, make sure your agent is putting your property in a position to achieve multiple offers, it is only then that you can guarantee a higher price.

Do Try and Relax

Take a deep breath, selling your house is one of the most stressful things you can do. If you’ve chosen the right agent you will be fully informed, and things will run smoothly. Expect a few speed humps, no sale ever goes exactly to plan. But in the end if you get the process right, you will be in your new home, and starting the next big chapter in your life before you can say “SOLD!!!”
For more advice on how selling your home, give Jared Duggan and the team at Naked Edge Real Estate a call on 0400 322 278 or if you are all set to sell,request an appraisal here.

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5 Do’s of Selling Your Home
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