14 Apr 2015
Staging Your Home For Sale – Delighting The Five Senses

Staging Your Home For Sale – Delighting The Five Senses

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Before a buyer views your property for sale it is important to keep the five senses in mind – they are incredibly powerful. When a buyer walks  into your home, you want them to be moved emotionally to the point where they decide  “this is home at first sight!”  To be successful at it, try appealing to all five of the buyer’s senses.


Make sure there are no odours that convey anything but a sparkling clean home as smell is usually the first impression to your potential buyer. Your home should smell fresh and clean but not perfumed.  If the scent is too strong potential buyers suspect you are trying to hide something.

  • A fresh cut of flowers can make your home not only smell good but it also creates a pop of colour and brightness
  • Light up some scented candles to create ambiance


Clear out all clutter and give your home a good tidy. Depersonalise by removing any evidence of ownership such as family photos, trophies etc. and open all of the blinds to allow natural light to flow in. The idea is to provide a fresh clean slate so that buyers can see the home’s potential and imagine their own life in your home.

  • Opt for simple, classic decor
  • Take steps to address cracks, stains or other visible signs of disrepair


Take the time to listen to your home. Do you hear dripping faucets, squeaky steps or anything else that needs a quick fix? Correct or repair any noise issues before your home is shown.  Be aware of what buyers will hear when they visit your property and make it a positive experience for them.


When buyers walk into your home what will they feel? Will they feel too warm or too cool?  Of all the senses this one can be the most difficult to stage.  Make certain your home’s temperature is appropriate for the season.  Be mindful of how you would want a very important guest to feel in your home and create that environment.

  • Drape fabrics such as faux throws over chair arms
  • Clean dusty surfaces


The best way to entice buyers to linger and notice even more details about your home is to offer them food. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice snack? Place a bowl of lollies or tray of cookies out in the open with a little note for buyers to help themselves. It will be a nice treat as they bask in all of your home staging efforts.
Good luck and happy staging!



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Staging Your Home For Sale – Delighting The Five Senses
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