27 Jul 2015
5 Things to Do Before a Home Open

5 Things to Do Before a Home Open

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Before you open your home to the public to come through and judge it… yes they will be judging it… a few small extra points can be taken to ensure there is an element of WOW.

Well what really sells a house? I hear you ask. Isn’t it just the layout and how many bedrooms and bathrooms we have and the size of our block. Yes this is definitely a part of it however it is so much more than that, it is that homely feel you get when you walk into a house and it smells and feels like a safe and happy home. This is what will really make or break someones decision to purchase your home that much easier.

Bake Something

Nothing smells better than that walk past a bakery in the morning with the whiff of freshly baked bread. If you have a bread machine make some bread and time it so it finishes just after the home open. If you don’t have a bread machine, don’t worry you can always make bread in the oven or even bake a cake, cakes still smell just as amazing as bread. Imagine you’re the buyer coming through the home open and you get hit with that amazing homely bread made smell. It not only calms you, it can also help mask any other odours you may have in your home either from animals, the dinner the night before, burnt toast or even teenage BO. All completely natural smells however yes can deter someone from purchasing your property.

Spot of Colour

Now this can be done inside and out and will help with the first impressions of your home. Bring some flowers inside, put them in a vase and place them on your coffee table, dining table, on your bedside table and even some in your bathroom. This can help show a sense of pride in your property to buyers so they can see the previous owners loved their home and have looked after it well. Add some colour to your garden beds at the front or back of your property. This draws peoples attention to the colour and can help show a sense of pride in your gardens. Bright colours such as yellows or reds can help make any garden POP.


The biggest way to make your home feel bigger is to de-clutter. Without moving furniture around the easiest way to do this is to remove and hide as many things as you can. Kitchen – Remove EVERYTHING from the bench tops, create a larger feel to your kitchen and with this is also creates a cleaner, tidier feel. Bathrooms – Remove everything from your shower and basin, don’t leave any bottles or brushes laying around, just hide them for the home open. Removing everything can stop buyers questioning whether there is enough space for all their stuff if they see your stuff all laying around. Leave your towels up as they still need to feel a sense of the bathroom being used and to be practical. Bedrooms – Make all beds, remove anything from your bedside tables or desks and have a general tidy up so people can walk in and see the space they have to play around with their own furniture.

Let outside come in

Your real estate agent will do this for you when she gets to the property, however opening up all your curtains and windows if it is a nice day, creates more light in your property. Making your house feel lighter, brighter and fresher helps open your house up and feel bigger and helps buyers feel more relaxed and at home.

First impressions

First impressions or curb appeal is very important. We are human and people do judge a book by its cover which is exactly what they are doing to your home. Before even coming to look at your home buyers are usually already 60% sold on it from the professional photography they have seen online. However, even though the house is absolutely show home stunningly gorgeous inside, if the front doesn’t show that and looks shabby, run down and not well maintained, then buyers do just drive off. If they haven’t seen it online and have just seen the sign out the front, this may put them off even searching it online or getting out their car to come inside and have a look.

With these 5 simple and easy, low-cost tips, your house will have an amazing home open feel and atmosphere for any buyer.

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5 Things to Do Before a Home Open
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